Family Law
• Divorce   • Paternity   • Child Support   • Visitation   • Custody  
• Spousal Support • Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)

• Wills and Living Trust - Once a month a seminar about wills and living trust is conducted by Attorney Lisa Collins-Williams. Reserve your space, call now!

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 & 13
The Federal and State laws allows you to eliminate all your debts, stop all creditor calls, stop foreclosure, stop trustee sales, eliminate 2nd trust deed, stop wage garnishments and vehicle repossessions.

Due to the Real Estate downfall, property owners and tenants have been affected.
Many properties have been reposses and as a result, occupants are being evicted.
We can help you remain in possession up to 5 months without paying rent.
• 3/30/90 day notice
• Summons unlawful detainer
• Sheriff 5-day notice

Personal Injury

Income Tax
Income tax preparation, help you to get the ITIN, rapid refund.